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Cake Break

May 2022

Wow, nearly 1000 followers on Instagram and what seems like endless support from everyone! I am ever so grateful to each and everyone of you who is following my cake journey and who has ordered from me!
Now is the time though that I am going to take a short break from cakes. In the month of May, I am not going to be making any orders to give myself some well earned rest!
You probably don’t know that cakes are actually a side hustle of mine. I currently work as a full time administrator at a local university. I am also a mum to two beautiful babies aged 2 and 3. We’ve also been desperately trying to move house the last 4 years and had not the best of luck, but hoping luck is now on our side.
Life is certainly a handful and I’ve really been feeling it of late! I’ve had tonsillitis twice in the last 3 weeks and am now recovering from having both Covid and tonsillitis at the same time and this is a big sign from my body telling me to slow down.
May is a big month full of many exciting celebrations in my family and I am happy I will get to fully dedicate my time to my amazing family in such a great month.
I will still be fulfilling my orders for the rest of April (all booked up for April now) and will be coming back to a big wedding at the beginning of June and accepting orders from mid-June onwards now.
It isn’t adios just yet, but I thought I’d better warn you all that I won’t be taking any orders for May.
I’ve had some amazing orders over the last couple of weeks and I am very excited to share them with you - make sure to check out my Instgram page - @cakemehappyuk to see my most recent bakes!
See you soon! Alex x

Cake Break - May 2022: News
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